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RISQUÉ Back to School on
Aug 10th '19 at the Crucible in Washington D.C.

DC's Ultimate Hardcore Play Party with event pages on Facebook & Fetlife

It’s that time of year again, RISQUÉ is going back to school! We know you all have to hit the books hard, but don’t forget to come out and party with us first.

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to get back to class, so grab your pencil and your notebook and come party with us. As with everything we do at RISQUÉ, things get a little interesting at our school. We’ve got strict everyone from the school teachers waiting to punish their naughty students, to dirty school girls looking to tease their way to good grades, and of course, the principals and headmasters that aren’t afraid to send students to detention. And let’s not forget the priests and nuns for those of us that spent our childhood in Catholic school.

RISQUÉ knows how to make going back to school fun; but remember not to break the rules, because school is in session, and we’re very strict.

───────────── 🎧 Guest DJs for the evening 🎧 ─────────────
HappyDaze - UK Hardcore (Kikwear, Good Vibes Promo, Hardcore Resurrection, BoP)
Happy Daze brings his upfront melodic hardcore to dance floors all over the country. Ever since hearing that happy hardcore sound many years ago he knew he was hooked. Growing up through the rave scene he always wanted to broaden peoples horizons musically so he made the transition from raver to dj (even though he is still a raver at heart).

Jay Shok - - House (Light It Up ProductionsFB
For over a decade, Jay Shok has been an essential part of Philadelphia’s EDM culture. Working tirelessly to provide positive vibrations, he has more than shown his love through both his music and work within the scene. Since taking over Light It Up Productions, Jay has worked with a variety of people to spread the sound and energy of EDM culture. And you can be sure, whenever he is throwing down, it’s bound to be memorable. Delivering some of the freshest mixing Philadelphia has seen in years, Jay Shok takes house, breaks, and electro and makes them his own. He really is one of Philadelphia’s best kept secrets.

─────────────── 🎧 with Resident DJs 🎧 ───────────────
Geiger - House/Trance (RISQUÉ/BOUND)
CiDnY - Liquid D&B

───────────────── ツ Hosted by ツ ─────────────────
Freyja Halifax - Rhythmic Flogging & House Dom (DXS Rapture | AWP) FB
Freyja has been in the scene for eight years, and has been a House Dominatrix at organizations such as BOUND, DXS Rapture, and now RISQUÉ. She specializes in impact play, needles, violet wand, and teaching to new kinksters. Want to play?

Poison - Hostess
Poison has been an active member of the DC Goth and Kink scenes since she relocated here 6 years ago. Her focus is to educate and welcome new comers to our community. "Oh we are splendid devils aren't we? Hunters in a savage garden"

─────── ♦ Rope and Non-Hook Suspension Staffed by DC Rope ♦ ───────
MysticScholar has had an interest in rope since before he even entered the Scene. Initially drawn to the aesthetics of rope, he assumed a leadership role within DC Rope in 2014. He has performed at numerous events throughout the US, and often serves as house rigger for local events to the DC area. He feeds his passion for sharing rope knowledge with others through a variety of workshops and classes at all levels. As a self-described reaction junkie, he enjoys others' reactions as they explore rope.

ConfidenceInspired, a professional dancer with many years practice on and off stage has turned his passion to another art form: tying up beautiful people in rope. He happily teaches what he has learned regularly at the monthly DC Rope education classes.

GPJones of Hitchin' Bitches
Ginger Jones discovered the rope community two years ago, and has since learned that all those knots she learned making friendship bracelets have much more interesting uses. She explores and shares as one of the leaders of Hitchin' Bitches DC-Baltimore.

Paris entered the kink community nearly 4 years ago primarily to her explore her submissive side only to discover that she is a total Switch.  She operates on both sides of the slash in D/s and both Tops and Bottoms in Rope.The best way to describe her kink would be to say that it is a spiritual journey through rope and sex of her mind, body and spirit with rope as a catalyst. The connection between her and her bottom is the focus of her tying and it is that energy exchange between them that does it for her.  She gets into such a beautiful headspace tying and her bottom’s safety and experience are the two most important aspects of her work.  She is based in DC and can be seen tying primarily at The Crucible.  Prior studies include Akira Naka, Nawashi Kanna, Tenma Haru, and WykdDave. 

──────────── 🏏 Flogging & Impact Demos by 🏏 ────────────
Merging music and motion, impact aficionado and Free Form Flogging fanatic Uncle Eric, joins us with his Avant guard approach to S/M. Alternatively Spankologist (aka Eric Strickman) lays down some traditional CP licks. Its heat to the seat to the RISQUÉ beat!

Madame Tak - (Club Orpheus / BESS)
This sadistic sweetheart specializes in impact, sensation and challenging the senses. She's a​ veteran of House Domming, including her residency at Club Orpheus. Her skills have been shared coast to coast, ​so don't miss your opportunity to see her in action!

────────────── 💉 Needle Play Staffed by 💉 ─────────────
A needle top, kinky freak and delicate flower, looking sweet and innocent while doing horrible things to good people. Their favorite scenes take planning, but simple things in life can be rewarding too - like an endorphin button resting on a clitoris.

─────────── 🔥 Fire Fleshing & Cupping Staffed by 🔥 ───────────
Asha is a sadomasochistic switch with a love of rough body, impact, and temperature play. Fire was one of her first obsessions and she loves to share that with others. From theatrics to healing, you're invited to get lost in the flames. 

───────────── ⚡ Violet Wand Staffed by ⚡ ──────────────
Evilguy - Penn State Kinksters
See how electricity is scary and fun. Evilguy is an electrical engineer and has a passion for stimulating people with electricity. Electricity can be both sensual and painful, soft and sharp. Violet wands, tens units, and even a cattle prod. There are many ways to enjoy the buzz of electric power.

─────────────── ♀ Sybian Staffed by ♀ ───────────────
Kat is a queer sado-masochist. She has been kinking it up sober in the scene for over 6 years. She loves to collect orgasms from ladies on the sybian. Making pretty girls bleed, cry and squirt are some of her favorite things. You can also find her needle slaying with the DC medical play collective. Come play with the Kitty.

Scarlett Lush
Scarlett is the smiling, irreverent variety of sadist, and has a decade of experience as a professional dominatrix. She loves cats, all things macabre, and helping others explore BDSM. Originally from Florida, she is now proud to call D.C. her home. The way to her heart typically involves foot rubs, tacos, and ladies climaxing on the Sybian.

────────────── 🔪 Knife Play Staffed by 🔪 ──────────────
Captain_Thorson - TheCaribbeatings
I am a fun and loving sadist, I mean Reaction Junkie :) I’m here to help guide you to fun with sharp pointy things. House Dom/presenter for D~X~S, Indecent Enterprises , and Cyrenaics Events. Owner of The Caribbeatings.

─────────────── ◄ Latex Deflatables ► ───────────────
Robert Mcgrath
Experience a sensation of full encasement inside latex bondage as your sight, sound and movement is restricted but the sensation of touch is amplified.

─────────────── ☠ Hot Wax Staffed by ☠ ───────────────
An alumnus of the Sydney kink scene circa 2010, and self-avowed hedonist, now back in the US after a decade overseas. Wax was my first love in kink, drawn to its versatility in both sensual and sadistic play.

─────────────── $ Vending Provided by $ ───────────────
Leather Bob
Leather Bob started making leather toys in 1990 selling at Black Rose events. He is well know for the quality of his work and reasonable prices. Cash or credit, this man has toys you want!

────────────── 📸 Photography Provided By 📸 ────────────

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------------- Previous DJ's -------------

2RIP - House (Badass Raves | Nightmare Festival)
Ali Ji - Bollywood, Bhangra House
AMP - SwingHouse (Re:imagine/ Symbiotic) MX
Arcada - Hardstyle/UK Hardcore (ECHD/BADASS Raves) SC / YT
Asher Miller aka DJ Spacepimp
BEATRIX - Global Bass/Electro Swing (Meso Creso, Speakeasy Electro Swing DC) SC
- EDMofWTF (Slow Kidz)
Ciconte - Hard Electro
Confetti - Dutch House ( GLAS Mix Project | Heros 4 Hire)
Deinfamous - D&B (Expansion Broadcast) SC
²↑²↓ ♛ DTL Contraversy ♛ ²↑²↓ - D&B (Va's Finest)
Dreamer - Hip Hop
Elemental - Psy Trance (Geomagnetic/Badass Raves)
Frankie Bass - D&B (Propa Talent Records)
Gabe De Aphrikan - Jump Up D&B (BonfireCrew/Undead/DirtboxRadio)
Hemlock - Goth/Industrial (BOB) MixCloud
JaggerJaw - PowerNoise (Sleepless Music. Dark Side Entertainment) SC
Javier - Goth & New Wave
Jay Shok - House (Light It Up ProductionsFB
Katharsiz - Butt Stuff
Massacat - Bassline (Badass Raves, re:maginə)
Mighty Mike Saga - Industrial, Synthpop SC / FL
MindCage - Industrial
MiNDJacket - Industrial/Coldwave (Dark & StormyMC | FB
Naughty Nutz - Happy Hardcore
Neska - Industrial/Electro (Elektroschock)
Nicholai - Electro/Industrial (ElecktroSchock)
Obscure - Electro & Breaks (Re:magine | Badass Raves)
Problem Unit - UK Hardcore
RaveKilla - D&B (Transit/Give Productions/District Burners)
ReEduK8 - Breakbeat ( BADAss | Subsdance ) IG | SC
Richard Reich - Industrial (DDP) FB / MX

RX - Funky House (3D | AudioLab)
SHAFT XXL - Funky House
Thousand Drunk DJ's - Funky House (BadAss Raves)
DJ Todd - Synthpop/EBM (Real Synthetic Audio)
DJ Todd vs Defekt- Synthpop/EBM (Real Synthetic Audio)
Vilyn - Symbiotic/Re:magine
Warp Zone - Dj 0bscure vs Dj amp (Re:imagine/ Symbiotic)
Warring - Electro/Industrial/Synthpop (Elektroschock)

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