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RISQUÉ Bloody Valentine on Feb 12th '22
at The Crucible in Washington D.C.

RISQUÉ: DCs Hottest BDSM Party & EDM Club Night with event pages on Facebook & Fetlife

This month at RISQUÉ, we invite you to spend a Bloody Valentines with us. As a very special treat, we’re bringing in flesh hook piercing and suspension experts to help you experience some of your most extreme fantasies.

Come in out of the cold and help us turn up the heat. Get down to some of the heaviest, high intensity dance music to grace our dance floor and let it be the soundtrack to your own bloody Valentine or be one of the lucky ones to fly through the air with the help of our flesh hooking and suspension professionals, this month at RISQUÉ.

As always, RISQUÉ’s primary concern is for the safety and comfort of our guests, and as such, all suspension work will be performed by trained professionals to ensure an experience like no other.

Rev. Decay (aka Jason Fraley)
Please email RevDecay23@gmail.comto secure your spot to get hooked this event.

Please check http://RevDecay.com for information.


As usual, RISQUÉ and The Crucible are keeping in accordance with all local guidelines for mask usage and require face coverings to be worn indoors. Additionally, as per venue rules, we will require proof of vaccination before entry. Event date is subject to last minute cancellations and/or changes as the world we live in continues to evolve around us. Our utmost concern is to keep our staff and lovely participants safe and healthy.

───────────── 🎧 Guest DJs for the evening 🎧 ─────────────
DJ Todd - Synthpop/EBM (Real Synthetic Audio)
The man, the myth, the legend ... DJ Todd has been hosting the radio show Real Synthetic Audio for over 20 years. Specializing in modern Synthpop and EBM, Todd brings a bouncy eclectic atmosphere to every event.

─────────────── 🎧 with Resident DJs 🎧 ───────────────
Geiger cut his teeth on the trace scene in his early days, learning how to cultivate a strong ebb and flow pulsating through the dancefloor, captivating crowds throughout the DC area. In recent years, he has become a true connoisseur of all genres, and is the acting foundation of Cyrenaics Events. He has been known to bring a crate full of crowd pleasers, filling dancefloors and getting the getting bodies moving, no matter the genre or party; he can do it all. Harnesses his diverse tastes and ear for anything, he brings the heat to every event he plays.

Alternate Frequency - http://www.thealternatefrequency.com/

CiDnY - Liquid D&B
Returning to his roots in EDM, CiDnY endeavors to retrace the feel of old clubs: Circle Club and the Edge. Formerly DJ Cosmo has spun a 4x4 beat of Synthpop/EDM/Electroswing. In order to pursue a different feel, this smoother genre with ignite your senses and stimulate your imagination with fluid sounds and a back beat worth banging to :)

────────────── # LYRA PERFORMANCES # ──────────────
Hoshi is an exhibitionist sadomasochist who enjoys flying through the air on her Lyra. She's been flying on Lyra for the last few years and has recently taken up silks. She loves to chat about aerial arts, so come say hi if you are interested in starting!

───────────────── ツ Hosted by ツ ─────────────────
Cosmo Lubertazzo - FL / FB
I am here for for two things, to live a good life, and to throw a good party. I am looking for people in my life that understand and share my desires. I am also looking to Party/DJ for those like minded people wherever I can find a safe place for both.

Been in the kink community for about 6 years now and she's always known she was a bratty switch. She has more than enough knowledge on how to help people feel comfortable and safe before entering the play space. Don't be shy to say hello, she doesn't bite...hard.

Jules (he/him) has been in the community for close to 6 years now. He plays with knives, rope, and, if asked nicely, a little bit of fire. If he’s not at work or kink, he’s trying to climb something tall or dive somewhere deep. 

Duke is a DC native who has been active in the DMV community for over a decade. A Top that enjoys Impact, Shibari & many more styles of play. His passion is helping to promote spaces that are friendly and welcoming to members of the community.

Persephone loves the nature of duality, the exchange of power, and being worshipped. She finds the deepest satisfaction when emotional connections blossom into trust, and from there having a bit of fun. Feel free to come over and strike up a conversation! She doesn’t bite (without permission ;3)

Nya Midnight - FreakNation
Island Gyal with a fun personality. I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. A super bratty switch with bark and bite. Cuffs, chains, and blades are just another daily habit. Say hi or watch the show I'm always fun.

─────── ♦ Rope and Non-Hook Suspension Staffed by ♦ ───────
Paris entered the kink community nearly 4 years ago primarily to her explore her submissive side only to discover that she is a total Switch.  She operates on both sides of the slash in D/s and both Tops and Bottoms in Rope.The best way to describe her kink would be to say that it is a spiritual journey through rope and sex of her mind, body and spirit with rope as a catalyst. 

Kinbaku Studio - @FB / @FL
Kinbaku Studio is an Asian American owned Rope Bondage Retail and education business located in Virginia. Its owner, Susuwatari has extensive knowledge in Rope Bondage and loves to share what he knows.

Mx. Kitty Kai - (District Rope) @LT
Mx. KittyKai (formerly Mx. HelloKatie) (they/them/he/him) is rope obsessed! They top, bottom, self-suspend/tie, and have taught and performed all over the country. Their rope journey started in March of 2016. As a rigger they describe their style as full-body sadistic freestyle with an emphasis on connection and a preference for tying with other queers.

──────────── 🏏 Flogging & Impact Demos by 🏏 ────────────
Merging music and motion, impact aficionado and Free Form Flogging fanatic Uncle Eric, joins us with his Avant guard approach to S/M. Alternatively Spankologist (aka Eric Strickman) lays down some traditional CP licks. Its heat to the seat to the RISQUÉ beat!

Madame Tak - (Club Orpheus / BESS)
This sadistic sweetheart specializes in impact, sensation and challenging the senses. She's a​ veteran of House Domming, including her residency at Club Orpheus. Her skills have been shared coast to coast, ​so don't miss your opportunity to see her in action!

────────────── 💉 Needle Play Staffed by 💉 ─────────────Learningcurve
A needle top, kinky freak and delicate flower, looking sweet and innocent while doing horrible things to good people. Their favorite scenes take planning, but simple things in life can be rewarding too - like an endorphin button resting on a clitoris.

─────────── 🔥 Fire Fleshing & Cupping Staffed by 🔥 ───────────
Master Zer0 has been perfecting his craft for almost 5 years. He prides himself of being quite the showman, giving a certain flair to every scene. Now come, dears, for the show is about to begin.

───────────── ⚡ Violet Wand Staffed by ⚡ ──────────────
Dara Kahleesi (Pink Kink Podcast)
Dara, the Electro Kahleesi, is a sensual sadist, Domme, and a little.  She has been in the BDSM lifestyle for 18 years and her specialty is sensual and sadistic electro play but works within a variety of kinks and fetishes. A member of the International Violet Wand Guild with over 6 years experience with the intensities and variations of electro play, Dara offers private electro sessions and lessons out of her home and demos at parties and kink events in the DC metro area. She also hosts Little and Pet parties for her local kink group at her home with her Daddy/husband.

─────────────── ♀ Sybian Staffed by ♀ ───────────────
Agarista is a hedonistic debauch of a bitch. 

────────────── 🔪 Knife Play Staffed by 🔪 ──────────────
Ever wondered what the point of knife play is? Do you crave to be held on the edge of cold steel? Come to Murci, and experience the joys of knives! With more than 7 years of knife topping under her grasp, her skills are sure to excite and tease. Wielding implements both mundane and exotic, let her show you fear, sadistic intent, or pleasure... perhaps all 3 at once~

─────────────── ◄ Latex Deflatables ► ───────────────
Robert Mcgrath
Experience a sensation of full encasement inside latex bondage as your sight, sound and movement is restricted but the sensation of touch is amplified.

─────────────── ☠ Hot Wax Staffed by ☠ ───────────────
An alumnus of the Sydney kink scene circa 2010, and self-avowed hedonist, now back in the US after a decade overseas. Wax was my first love in kink, drawn to its versatility in both sensual and sadistic play.

─────────────── % Foot Stuff % ───────────────
Caprox (Friendly Feet of DC/Baltimore)
Capriox (AKA “That guy with the ‘Ask Me About Foot Stuff’ sign”) demos various kinds of play involving feet. Foot massage, foot worship, foot tickling, foot torture - if it has to do with feet, feel free to ask him about it!

─────────────── $ Vending Provided by $ ───────────────
Kinbaku Studio - @FB / @FL

────────────── 📸 Photography Provided By 📸 ────────────
Rain - (rainimagery.com)
I'm Rain, a photographer and digital artist in Northern VA.  My specialties are fine art portraits, fantasy art, boudoir, kink but my favorite place to be is every place any of those overlap. You are the work of art and I want to show you.

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------------- Previous DJ's -------------
Alternate Frequency - http://www.thealternatefrequency.com/
2RIP - House (Badass Raves | Nightmare Festival)
Ali Ji - Bollywood, Bhangra House
AMP - SwingHouse (Re:imagine/ Symbiotic) MX
Arcada - Hardstyle/UK Hardcore (ECHD/BADASS Raves) SC / YT
Asher Miller aka DJ Spacepimp
BEATRIX - Global Bass/Electro Swing (Meso Creso, Speakeasy Electro Swing DC) SC
- EDMofWTF (Slow Kidz)
Ciconte - Hard Electro
CHASE (AKA “ReEduK8”) - Techno
Confetti - Dutch House ( GLAS Mix Project | Heros 4 Hire)
Deinfamous - D&B (Expansion Broadcast) SC
Donnie Most - Downtempo
²↑²↓ ♛ DTL Contraversy ♛ ²↑²↓ - D&B (Va's Finest)
Dreamer - Hip Hop
Elemental - Psy Trance (Geomagnetic/Badass Raves)
Frankie Bass - D&B (Propa Talent Records)
Gabe De Aphrikan - Jump Up D&B (BonfireCrew/Undead/DirtboxRadio)
HappyDaze - UK Hardcore (Kikwear, Good Vibes Promo, Hardcore Resurrection, BoP)
Hemlock - Goth/Industrial (BOB) MixCloud
HojuPockets - D&B
JaggerJaw - PowerNoise (Sleepless Music. Dark Side Entertainment) SC
Javier - Goth & New Wave
Jay Shok - House (Light It Up ProductionsFB
Johnny Panic
Katharsiz - Butt Stuff
Massacat - Bassline (Badass Raves, re:maginə)
Micke - Tech (District Ignition | Buzzlife | Liquid Lounge SoundSystem) FB SC
Mighty Mike Saga - Industrial, Synthpop SC / FL
MindCage - Industrial
MiNDJacket - Industrial/Coldwave (Dark & StormyMC | FB
Naughty Nutz - Happy Hardcore
Neska - Industrial/Electro (Elektroschock)
Nicholai - Electro/Industrial (ElecktroSchock)
Obscure - Electro & Breaks (Re:magine | Badass Raves)
Plaguelustre - Industrial
Problem Unit - UK Hardcore
RaveKilla - D&B (Transit/Give Productions/District Burners)
ReEduK8 - Breakbeat ( BADAss | Subsdance ) IG | SC
Richard Reich - Industrial (DDP) FB / MX

RX - Funky House (3D | AudioLab)
SHAFT XXL - Funky House
Spookster - Synthpop
Starry Nyte - @MC
- House (Yup) SC
Thousand Drunk DJ's - Funky House (BadAss Raves)
DJ Todd - Synthpop/EBM (Real Synthetic Audio)
DJ Todd vs Defekt- Synthpop/EBM (Real Synthetic Audio)
TrashPanda - Hardstyle
Vilyn - Symbiotic/Re:magine
Warp Zone - Dj 0bscure vs Dj amp (Re:imagine/ Symbiotic)
Warring - Electro/Industrial/Synthpop (Elektroschock)

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